How to buy tickets at Points of Sale?
1. For some events, you can buy tickets at Points of Sale. If this option is available, there will be symbols posted next to individual events on our website.
2. In the Points of Sale menu, you will see a PoS list and where to find the nearest Point of Sale.
3. At Points of Sale, you may buy a coupon ticket or a A-4 size paper ticket featuring authentication data based on which you be allowed to access the event venue.
4. You may select your sector/zone, row, seat (depending on the type of event) or buy a ticket not assigned to any specific seat (depending on the available options).
5. A correctly printed coupon ticket should include the following items:
a) a logo of the given event
b) date, time, and location of the event
c) event details printed on the control coupon
d) codes printed on the left and right side of the coupon ticket
e) ticket number next to the barcode
f) login of the person who issued the ticket and booking code at the bottom of the coupon ticket
g) navigation info (gate, entrance, level, sector, row, seat - depending on the venue type) on the right side of the ticket, next to the barcode
h) ticket price, including the amount of VAT and handling costs
6. A coupon ticket or A4 size paper ticket will be issued after the amount due is paid.
7. The invoice will be issued by the Point of Sale where the ticket is purchased.

NOTE: You may not order a ticket online and collect it at a Point of Sale!
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