Does DOTPAY or PRZELEWY24 send my credit card or bank account data to KupBilet?
If you use DOTPAY or PRZELEWY24 payment option, please note that your payment data are not disclosed to Neither your bank account data, nor your credit card data used in the payment process are disclosed!
I accidentally made several payments for the same booking. What should I do?
Your account is credited with all payments, even payment which are not due. If you accidentally paid for your booking several times, you will have an overpayment; to have it refunded, you should first fill in a refund form which you can fill at 'My Account' -> 'Payments'.
Where I can find seller ID?
There is no Dotpay/Przelewy24 seller ID for system.

If you use DOTPAY or PRZELEWY24 You have to go to 'Booking Details' in 'My account' -> 'Orders'. You will find 'Details' button next to information "NOTE: Callable Reservations, go to payment DotPay".
Fees shipping / distribution
All additional fees are detailed on the sales page of a given event/product or service or on the subpage with its description.

To expand a given information, click on the "Fees shipping/distribution" option.
There are:
- Reservation costs: an additional fee usually charged for each ticket constituting the cost of operating the system;
- Shipping/distribution fees: constituting the cost of delivery;
- Operating cost: service fee not exceeding 5% of the order value, constituting a commission of the online payment operator. Its detailed value will be provided in the last step of the purchasing process BEFORE making the payment. It depends on the payment operator and the selected channel, e.g. Blik or Credit card.

For some events/products or services, a traditional transfer is also available, which is exempt from operating costs.
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